Individual Income Taxation

At the core of our practice is everyone’s favorite form, the 1040. Individuals, couples and families need the 1040 each year. We go above and beyond to maximize the proper deductions for your particular tax return.

Corporate and Trust Taxation

There are a variety of entities and forms, and we cover them all – from Corporations and Partnerships to Trusts and Associations. We take away the stress by working with you to help gather the information you rely upon to operate your business.

Contemporary Tax Issues

We focus on the most current tax topics like same-sex marriage and the Affordable Care Act. As the tax code changes each year, we adjust and adapt accordingly.

QuickBooks and Bookkeeping

QuickBooks is a vital part of any small business and we can recommend the proper options and guidance. In certain situations, we provide solutions that are not strictly QuickBooks. There are alternatives.

Audit Services

Even small business owners must periodically face requirements for audits, reviews or compilations. We are the objective and independent resource you need for attestation services.

Litigation Support

The world becomes more entangled with the legal process each day. We fill the role of financial expert for civil case work, and provide the kind of guidance that can be easily communicated to a general audience.

The First Step

The hallmark of our practice is meeting each client personally, face-to-face. Together, we mutually determine the exact nature of the engagement, and more importantly we establish our relationship. Our first meeting is complimentary even if some meetings take longer than expected.

Individuals and Families

Our practice has been described by many people as “family style accounting”. We strive to treat each client as family of our own. We are especially attentive to:

  • Single moms and dads
  • First Responders
  • Members of the Armed Forces

The Form 1040 has many facets, and we add value in areas you would not normally expect. If you have children that are college age, ask us why your children should not file their own tax returns. Rental properties require unique accounting steps, and we have a strong track record of finding the appropriate deductions to maximize investments in real estate.


Tax Planning is a year-round process, and if you find yourself constantly owing a lot of money to the IRS each year, then you could benefit from this service. We have ongoing discussions with our clients to provide a reasonably accurate forecast of the upcoming tax situation. When you are forewarned in advance, you have time to take the appropriate steps to anticipate and adjust.

Litigation Services

Dealing with a legal problem is never an enjoyable experience. With our resources, you can add a member to your legal team that can translate the language of the accounting community into words and presentations virtually anyone can easily understand.

Small Business Owners

If you are a business owner, then you know operating your business is itself a full-time job and there is precious little time for the Accounting function. That is where we can become your greatest asset.

From the initial decision of what entity to choose to the selection of your Accounting software, and all the way to the performance of the monthly cycle of keeping track of the books, we can help you with proven solutions that free your time and surprisingly cost very little.

Ultimately, all of our work becomes the foundation for the preparation of the business tax return. Again, we are here to help you. We prepare tax returns for Partnerships, C-Corporations, and S-Corporations. Most business tax returns must be seamlessly integrated with the personal tax return, and we are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to make this happen for you.

Audit Services

For select clients, we are able to offer audit and review services. Banks or other agencies may require your annual financial statements to be audited, which demands an in-depth examination of your financial records and verification that the information about your business is properly documented. At the conclusion of the engagement, the auditor is required to give an opinion of your financial statements. Only a Certified Public Accountant can provide this function.

Professional Referral Services

It is our goal to provide a comprehensive service for our clients, and often their needs exceed our areas of expertise. Therefore, we have built a network of other professionals like attorneys, real estate brokers, insurance agents and financial planners, with whose services we have the confidence to recommend.

“My goal is to give more than you expect to receive from an accountant.” – Frank Artz

History of the Practice


As strange as it sounds, the origin of the practice arose from the simple need to help people. Although my license to become a Certified Public Accountant was obtained in 2001, it was a difficult struggle to find a place where I belonged within my profession. My career took me to many different companies across the Tampa Bay area, but something was always missing. So with just one client while using my home as an office, the firm began its existence on January 15, 2009. And I discovered the path God intended for me.

What matters to me most is the ability to make a profound and lasting difference in people’s lives. And I do this by mainly preparing tax returns. It is crazy – I know – and sometimes I cannot believe it myself. But making a difference through honesty and integrity, while upholding the high, ethical standards of my profession is what I do. Simple as that.

Since that day in January of 2009, we have grown significantly. In the last few years, a team of young professionals has been assembled. Together we occupy our small, vibrant office on the southern edge of Carrollwood. Our investment in the team concept has raised the level of our capabilities and the quality of our services. We are very excited for the future, and look forward to sharing that feeling with you as well.

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Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to be the dependable resource of accounting, tax, and consulting services while maintaining a high standard of ethics and a commitment to provide value-added solutions to both clients and employees in pursuit of their goals.

We uphold a resolved commitment to our employees, as we recognize that our success depends on the people we hire.  We seek to create the best working environment possible for our employees and recruit the brightest individuals with similar vision and values.

Professionally, we strive to exceed expectations of our clients by meeting their needs in a creative and responsive manner.  Personal attention will always be a hallmark. We are dedicated to the pursuit of professional excellence; our values dictate that we do so without compromise.

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